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Sedation and Anaesthesia for Dental Treatment

It is common and perfectly normal to have some degree of apprehension or anxiety prior to receiving dental treatment. Some people however, have a stronger feeling in this regard than others. These feelings may have been produced by a less than pleasant past experience, stories told by family or friends or by the nature of the dental procedure itself. Dental treatment may be especially frighting to young children and patients with developmental disabilities.

What is Sedation and Anaesthesia?

Sedation and anaesthesia can make practically all dental procedures more pleasant and safer for the apprehensive patient. There is little to no recollection of unpleasant procedures and the time taken to complete needs dentistry seems remarkably short as compared to being awake. Anaesthesia and sedation can be administered for any dental procedure.

How is Sedation and Anaesthesia Administrated?

The medications can be administrated by breathing, in pill form or intravenously depending on the depth of sedation or anaesthesia required.
All patients are closely monitored with frequent measurements of blood pressure, oxygen levels, EKG and breathing. The anaesthesiologist and a registered nurse are in constant attendance ensuring complete comfort and safety for every patient.

How Safe is Sedation and Anaesthesia?

The use of Sedation and Anaesthesia in dentistry has a commendable record of safety. This is due to preoperative assessment and case selection, the advanced training of the doctor and staff and an ongoing commitment to keeping completely up to date in all aspects of outpatient care.
The qualifications to obtain a permit to administer Sedation and Anaesthesia are stringent and a high degree of advanced training is required. Facilities are regularly inspected to ensure that all equipment, training and available medications are kept to a high standard.

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